Cultural Hi-Ways
Introducing au pairs & students to North America since 1990
The Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) offers you the opportunity to fulfill your educational requirement with two different programs, allowing you to explore the history, geography, landmarks, arts and customs that characterize North America. You'll learn about fascinating cultures and locales through classroom lectures, films, articles and discussions while improving your English communication skills.

• BMCC’s Learning Across America program allows you to attend class locally and then participate in a Cultural Hi-Ways tour to the destination you’re studying. In choosing this option, you have the entire tour weekend to explore the destination.

• BMCC’s Learning on Location program allows you to study, explore and earn your educational credits all in the same long weekend.
Questions and Answers
Why do credit hours matter?  Every au pair is required to earn 6 educational credits during their year in the United States. For most au pair organizations, 6 credits = 72 hours.  Please check with your au pair organization so you know exactly how many hours equal 6 credits.

In the Learning Across America program, the courses offered provide either 40 or 32 hours of credit. Seeing that 40 + 32 = 72 hours, this is a convenient way for those who love to travel to earn their educational credits for the year.

In the Learning on Location program, each course offers 36 hours of credit. Taking two Learning on Location courses equals 36 + 36 = 72 hours.

How soon will I receive my educational certificate?  If you participate in the Learning Across America program, you’ll receive your certificate on the last day of the tour. Learning on Location students will receive their certificate on the last day of class.

What if I'm enrolled in a Learning Across America course and my au pair organization requires proof that I’ve earned educational credit sooner than the last day of the tour?  Once you’ve successfully completed the three class sessions BMCC will, upon request, provide you with a letter you can submit to your au pair organization that specifies how many hours of credit you’ve earned.

Where do Learning Across America classes take place?

What if I have more questions?  Should you have any questions regarding the Learning Across America or Learning on Location programs please contact The Borough of Manhattan Community College directly by telephone (646.204.6865) or email.
Fairfield University
(Fairfield, Connecticut)
Loyola University Chicago
(Chicago, Illinois)
New Jersey
College of St. Elizabeth
(Morristown, New Jersey)
New York
The Borough of Manhattan Community College
Peirce College 
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
​Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Trinity Washington University
(Washington, DC)
Photo credit: Mengting He (a Bucks County/Philadelphia au pair with Go Au Pair)

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Learning Across America
Learning on Location
You’ll attend 2 or 3 all-day Sunday classes (a few courses might include a Saturday class) in your local area. You'll then participate in a tour to the destination you’re studying.
​You'll attend all class sessions over one long weekend. Classes take place on a college campus in the destination you're studying and your learning experience will extend beyond the classroom as you visit famous sites along with your teacher.
You’ll earn either 32 or 40 hours of credit depending on the course you choose.
How many credits will you earn?
You'll earn 36 hours of credit.
How you'll learn...